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FCC Helps Provide Meals to Those in Crisis

The Mercy Meals ministry is designed to provide meals for members when they are experiencing a significant challenge or life change--most often following surgery, illness, death, or other, happier life events like the birth of a child. Sign up Genius is always offered first as a means for church members to sign up to provide a meal. In the event that there is no sign up, wholeness grant funds have been used to purchase a meal for the family.

Anyone can participate in this ministry, which is designed to be a concrete expression of our care for our FCC family.

Funds will be held by the office administrator, similar to a petty cash method, and will be purchased on an as needed basis from either Costco, Kroger or some other similar source. Typically $30 will provide a hot casserole, salad, bread and dessert/sweet.

The wholeness grant used to fund this ministry was made possible through your faithful financial support of our church and its ministries and help fund a variety of efforts to make our world a better place. You can find more examples of those efforts or apply for a grant to make the world a better place by clicking here.


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