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At First Christian, we believe that God has called every disciple to ministry and we encourage all who enter our doors to engage in every level of ministry to which they feel called.  Whether you serve within the walls of the church, beyond the walls of the church, or both, we hope you will discover the joy of serving God by serving others.



At First Christian Church, we seek to be a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. Living into that vision, we encourage members and friends of our church to serve the world through what we call Wholeness Ministries. 


By following the link below, you will find examples and opportunities of how you can join our movement to help make the world a better place - including an application for a grant to help fund any calling that you may have!


In addition to serving the world beyond our walls, we are committed to meeting the spiritual needs of those who come in through our doors. In order to meet those needs, we need disciples to serve in a variety of ministries.


We invite you to learn more about the opportunities to serve at First Christian and hope that you will help us in providing sanctuary for all who seek God in this church building.

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