FCCYG is an acronym for First Christian Church Youth Group. More than that, FCCYG has become an identifier of our unique youth program at First Christian Church. FCCYG is a group of youth who love God and take pride in being open and accepting.


We recognize and affirm the individual relationship each person has with God, and the personal journey each person is taking as they explore their faith. We celebrate diversity in our community.





We study the Bible together. We discuss how best to live out the life-giving words found there. We explore what it means to put God's principles into action.


We discuss current issues and explore how our faith informs our opinions and actions.


We have fun together. We play games and have picnics and go on hikes. We go to ball games and out to eat. We watch movies together.


We regularly serve in our community and world. We believe in sharing the love of Jesus by serving and treating people with love.


All people!




We don't require uniformity in thought or theology. We believe in the sacredness of scripture. We don't believe any one person has an absolute understanding of how to interpret those scriptures. We believe in the diversity of ideas and understandings, realizing no one person has a complete grasp of God and God's ways. Learning and exploring our faith together brings a fuller understanding of who God is.




We meet during the school year on Sunday evenings, 6 – 8 pm in the Youth Center. We are on a looser schedule during the summer to allow for mission trips and outings together.


JESUS PEEPS is our class for students in the 5th - 8th grade that takes place at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. It is a discussion-oriented experience that helps students engage in compelling conversation about God and what it means to follow Jesus. The class is located in our Youth Center, which is on the lower level of the church.




(First Christian Church Youth Group)

Jerry McBroom
Youth Minister
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