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WHY I ATTEND FCC - Rachel Platt and Gary Fogle

When I think of church, I think of connectedness, and how I want my church to connect me to my faith, my community, my congregation family, and certainly a connection to trying to make the world a better place by challenging me to be and do better.

I have found those connections with and through First Christian Church in every sense, with a home that makes me think and feel.

I am particularly proud of our role in the community, showing a servant’s heart with our ministry grants, making our mark literally around the globe to help others and in our backyard.

We became the first congregation to partner with Build-a-Bed, after seeing such a need with children who had no choice but to sleep on the floor.

Our continuing partnership has helped change lives.

We walk the walk, and I am so proud to walk alongside my church family as we continue to be called into service.

Rachel Platt

My husband now has his reflections on FCC.

I attend FCC because I feel a connection to the people and staff in this congregation. I also like the fact that you truly get the sense there’s no judgment of anyone. I know all churches are supposed to give that impression but I’ve never experienced a church as non-judgmental and welcoming as this one.

I also like the fact this church truly welcomes all walks of life. No one is excluded. Not because of race, background, sexual orientation, etc. One of the mottos of this church is that “All are Welcome” and it is truly practiced here.

Finally, there are a variety of projects available for members to get involved and give back to the community. I’ve taken part in some. In particular, “Forgotten Louisville” where supplies are taken to the homeless and, mostly, Build-a-Bed where church members actually build beds for children in Jefferson County Public Schools who don’t have a bed of their own.

This church has become an important part of my life and I hope to see it continue to grow.

Gary Fogle


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