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Stephen Ministers April 2022

by Penny Brill

Last Sunday, we had the most amazing time at the Service for Healing and Wholeness. It was an enriching, calming and therapeutic opportunity for those that attended.

In Psalm 55 verse 22, it speaks to what to do when your burden is overwhelming.

This is what Stephen Ministry is all about.

It is an organization of caring people who are ready to support you when your burden is overwhelming. No one in God’s universe, or our church, should suffer alone dealing with issues in life that are making you feel unable to cope or missing the support that faith offers. God is available always and never gives up on us. When we lose our connection to him, and we feel he is not there, he is. We have stopped listening, thinking he has deserted us. His support may seem distant, but it is there. We may not understand how he shows his love, but it is there.

As we approach Easter, and the Resurrection, what a powerful time to remind ourselves of the sacrifice Jesus made to save us. That God had his only Son die on the cross so we would have redemption. What a message of love and faith to us as Christians.

I am praying for us all to keep searching, to keep believing, to reach out to each other. I pray that I have the strength to carry my own cross and to help others carry theirs. We can do no less as caring human beings.

In Christ,

Penny Brill

But I call upon God and the Lord will save me. Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan and he will hear my voice. He will redeem me unharmed from the battle that I wage….. ~Psalm 55: 16-18

Stephen Ministry:

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