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Search Committee Update - July 27

First Christian Church has appointed a Search Committee to conduct the search for a new Senior Minister. The committee is chaired by Alan Parsons. The other members of the group are Patty Rankin, Kathy Olliges, Gary Fogle, Tonya Bordy, Scott Lanter, Gracelyn Jack and Amanda Stratton. The committee is meeting every other week and will send updates to the congregation and regular intervals. See below for their latest update and for our search timeline.

Search Committee Communique - July 27, 2021

The committee met on July 7 to meet the new Regional Minister and to be briefed on the best way to evaluate minister applications (Minister Profiles). As promised, we have received numerous profiles and the committee met on July 27 to begin the arduous task of screening the applications that have been submitted to date. Submissions will continue to be accepted through August 18. The committee will meet weekly over the four weeks to review the profiles, conduct telephonic interviews with selected candidates before choosing the most promising candidates for in-person interviews. The real heavy lifting work of the committee is just beginning, so we ask for your patience, prayers and support. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide our deliberations.

~Alan Parsons, Committee Chair


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