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New Staff Position Begins September 1

Minister of Outreach and Engagement, Pastor Jerry McBroom

With the belief that a need exists to bring First Christian’s people together in the midst of this pandemic and continuing into our future following the pandemic, the Discipleship Team has now created a new staff position titled Minister of Outreach and Engagement. We are pleased to announce that Pastor Jerry McBroom has accepted this position. The duties of the person filling this position will be to help youth and adults of all ages connect to God and with each other by way of small group opportunities, service opportunities, worship experiences, educational and fellowship opportunities. The details of this position are much more exhaustive than that, and they can be made available to you if you wish to see them. We will soon be hiring a part-time Youth Minister intern to engage directly with the youth. Jerry will oversee that position.

To read a letter from Pastor Jerry McBroom, see below:

I started as a youth minister at FCC way back in 1999. I’ve been doing that for going on 23 years. I was a relatively young guy back then! Now I’m pushing 60.

Once the pandemic hit and everything moved online, we also moved youth group online and met via Zoom. Youth were doing school online and didn’t want to also spend their free time in Zoom meetings.

Because of the difficulty getting youth engaged, I found myself being more involved in adult ministries. Who knew that adult ministries could be so fun and engaging?? I’ve recognized that I’ve been feeling a call away from youth ministry and more towards adult ministries. I am pushing 60, after all.

My passion is to connect people to God and each other via small group opportunities, service opportunities, worship experiences, educational opportunities, and fellowship opportunities. I’m also very involved in working with the wholeness grant team to help facilitate the important work they do. I look forward to fully stepping into the new position as Minister of Outreach and Engagement.

I can’t express my thanks enough for church leadership who believe in my ministry and my place at FCC enough to recognize that God is calling me to new opportunities in the life of our church. I love FCC and am beyond blessed to be able to continue to serve our church.

I want to thank Drexel & Patty Rankin, who have been mentors to me over the years, and have helped me recognize and navigate this new call. I want to thank Rev. Terry Minton for believing in my ministry at FCC and helping to facilitate this role change. And I want to thank the members of the Discipleship Team for their work and discernment in facilitating this transition.

I love FCC and am proud of the work I’ve done with youth over these last 20-something years. What a rollercoaster ride that has been. I’ve had the opportunity to watch these youth grow up, get married, and have families of their own. In many cases I’ve been able to officiate their weddings. It’s such a blessing that my longevity at FCC has allowed.

I’m excited about this new call, and to fully step into this new role as Minister of Outreach and Engagement at FCC. I look forward to many more years of service in this church and with the congregation I love so much.


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