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June 15 Letter from the FCC President

Wonderful things are happening all around First Christian Church.

First, we all owe a huge Thank You to Rev. Terry Minton for his 4 months at the helm steering us through online services to social distancing in our sanctuary and now to opening up to all who wish to worship indoors. It has not been an easy task and Terry and the staff have gone above and beyond to get us through these times.

Many of you have also expressed your appreciation to Alan Parsons for his great leadership in finding a new Senior Minister for FCC. I just want to second that publicly with exclamation marks. If you know anyone on the search team please let them know how much we appreciate their dedication. You can check out the progress they’ve made in Alan’s updates in these newsletters.

Finally, I want to update you on another group we have just asked to lend their time and talents. Long-time FCC member Lynn Armstrong is leading a new Building and Grounds committee. This committee will serve for a period of at least 6 months to determine what building and property improvements need to be made and get bids for the work. Some of the improvements will be large, some small, some noticeable, others not so much. However, a great deal of work is needed and I thank Lynn for taking on this job.

We have so many people working to move FCC forward I can’t possible list them all but I encourage you to spread the good news about FCC. We are open and welcoming to all no matter where they are on their faith journey. Please, invite them to join us.

You can reach me anytime at

Melissa Swan

FCC President


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