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FCC Member Creates Sensory Garden for Nursing Home

In her work at the Episcopal Church Home, church member Cheryl Cubbage saw how institutional life, no matter how good it is, can lead to feelings of monotony and reduced meaning and purpose.

To help bring healing and hope into that reality, Cheryl applied for a grant that would allow her and other volunteers to build a sensory garden. The garden is being used as a catalyst for many sensory activities, such as aromatherapy, cooking, art and decorating. It also serves as a vehicle of reminiscence for residents who may have had a victory garden during the WW II era or grew up on a farm.

As an added bonus, Cheryl invited farmers from the Food Literacy Project of Oxmoor Farm to come and teach the residents and staff about gardening and healthy eating. As you can see from the video above, the garden is beautiful and residents are now enjoying it on a daily basis.

The wholeness grant used to fund this ministry was made possible through your faithful financial support of our church and its ministries and help fund a variety of efforts to make our world a better place. You can find more examples of those efforts or apply for a grant to make the world a better place by clicking here.


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