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Elder Compass - July 2020

By: Patty Rankin

What I’ve Learned During

the Corona Virus Pandemic

1. Travel plans can disappear very quickly.

2. People are a very important part of life, the most important part.

3. Zoom meetings hold the world together.

4. I can stay home for long periods of time without killing anyone.

5. When the entire world is fighting this pandemic, the world becomes a pretty small place.

6. There are a lot of good people.

7. There are people who are willing to lay down their life for a friend or even someone they don’t know.

8. Virtual worship services can be very meaningful but I miss being with everyone.

9. Now that I have the time, if I don’t do the things I have been meaning to do, I never truly meant to do them.

10. Life is hard! Life goes on!

11. Thank goodness for my cell phone!

12. Wearing a mask isn’t fun but it’s necessary.

13. We really, really are in this together. We live in a community. The actions of each person contribute either positively or negatively to the well-being of all.

14. God is in this with us.

15. I am grateful every day for the blessings God showers on me – the beauty of the natural world, shelter and food when so many struggle, and people who share this journey with me. Thank you God. Help me be a blessing to others.


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