First Christian Church Elders

Back Row: Gilbert Darnell, Mike Lorenzen, Preston Young, Jane Connell Young, Puddie Scott, Jenny Ewing, Terry Hohman  Front Row: Patrice Blanchard, Glenda Bourne, Linda Wise, Mike Martin, Lisa Martin, Ruth Stratton, Charlotte Tharp, Alan Parsons.

The elders of First Christian Church are a volunteer body of servant leaders who seek to serve the church by providing pastoral care and spiritual guidance.  One of the primary ministries of our elders is to provide pastoral care to church members.  While their care can take on many forms, here are some examples of how they serve:

- Providing spiritual counsel and care  
- Visiting the homebound  
- Visiting those in the hospital or other care/health centers  
- Providing communion to those unable to attend worship  
- Offering prayer support (both in person and in spirit)


If you would like to receive pastoral care from our elders, please contact the chair of our elders through the e-mail button provided.  They are also available for prayer and conversation on Sunday mornings after service.  They can be identified by the name tags they wear each week.



The 2020 active elders are:

Stephanie Copeland

Betty Adkins

Lynn Armstrong

Glenda Bourne

Jenny Ewing

Mike Lorenzen

Patty Rankin

Puddie Scott

Beth Smith

Linda Wise

Jane Connell Young

Preston Young