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Welcome to First Christian Church
of Louisville, KY

Watch the First Kids Graduation below!
*due to technical issues, we were not able to live stream the ceremony.

FCC Sunday Worship
In-Person and streaming at 10:30 AM


We do not believe that a church is just a building where people gather.  We believe the church is the body of Christ, called to serve the world by bringing healing wherever there may be brokenness or suffering


We take this calling so seriously that we have set up a ministry where members of our community, as well as partners around the world, can apply for what we call Wholeness Grants.  


Since establishing these grants in 2015, we have given away over $250,000 dollars to individuals and agencies who have joined our movement to make the world a better place.


Our journey of bringing wholeness to our broken world continues in our weekly celebration of worship.


At the heart of our service is the celebration of communion, which is open to everyone because we believe that the grace of Christ is open to all who would receive it.


At First Christian Church

All really does mean all.

Seriously, everyone.

We really mean that!


Another big part of our movement for wholeness is the nurture and care we offer those who call First Christian their church home.


Through fellowship, study, and supportive care, we seek to provide an engaging, transformative, and supportive environment to people of all ages, levels of faith, and in whatever situation of life a person may be experiencing.


We are committed not only to helping you find a connection with God but also with the body of Christ on earth. After all, the journey of faith was never meant to be made alone.


At First Christian, we seek to be a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world, welcoming all to the Lord's Table just as God has welcomed us.