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Welcome to Starting Point

Many adults have discovered that the basics they were taught about our faith as children do not always stand up to the realities of being an adult. Because of that, there are times we might need a new Starting Point in terms of how we live our faith each day. 

This on-line class is designed to help you explore some of the places where there may be gaps between the basics of faith you were taught as a child and the faith you need as an adult.  We encourage you to watch the video below to learn a little bit more about what this class is about.

The classes below are in order but feel free to explore whichever topic that interests you.  Going in order is helpful but not essential.  

This first session focuses on the nature of scripture and how we approach reading the Bible.  It provides a helpful foundation for the classes that follow. 

Who is Jesus? How we answer that question determines how we approach our understanding of faith and our lives as Christians. This session explores this essential question of our faith. 

For many, the word sin carries a lot of negative weight. However, Jesus’ purpose in focusing on sin was about hope and restoration, not condemnation and exclusion.  There is Good News here!

This session begins with a powerful video called "A Poverty of Love."  But don't let the name fool you, the love celebrated is the greatest source of hope ever offered.  

What does it mean to trust the promises of God?  What about the times they don't seem to be true?  This session dives into God's promises and how we can better understand their reality. 

If God is so loving, then why is there suffering in the world?  This is one of the most often asked questions of faith. This session seeks to give some perspective on this difficult topic.

While some people recoil at the idea of rules, God established rules as a means to care for God’s people. Check out this session to find why that is a message of Good News and hope. 

In a survey given to people 16-29, almost 90% of those asked, said Christians were judgmental. This unfortunate truth has to be addressed.  This session tries to do just that.

It is hard to imagine a symbol more central to Christianity than the cross. At the same time, it is also hard to imagine a symbol that creates more questions and confusion than the cross does.

At the heart of this session is a great video by Rob Bell.  After watching it and considering the questions asked, we hope you feel the depth of God's grace for you.

This session focuses on three aspects of faith: faith and doubt, the faith of non-believers, and the importance of faith in action. 

While community can be experienced in many ways, the church is called to be a community like no other.  This session explores why being part of a church family is so important to our faith. 

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