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WHY I ATTEND FCC - Puddie and Richard Scott

My Dear Friends at First Christian Church,

I’ve recently been reflecting on the almost 30 years that I’ve spent worshiping at First Christian Church. What ignited my spiritual journey? What caused me to pick First Christian as my place of worship and what has kept me fulfilled and spiritually fed for so long. It seriously all began one Sunday morning at the breakfast table when my son Miles, then 4, looked up from his pancakes and said, “shouldn’t we be in church?”. What a wakeup call. I knew immediately as a parent I’d better seize the moment and look for a church. My boss, then a member of FCC, suggested we visit his church and indeed we did…and we stopped looking. The church of that day may look a little different now but the reasons I’ve stayed remain the same. The church and congregation is committed to Bible based teaches, allowing for personal interpretation and exploration with no judgement. The commitment and living into ensuring diversity and inclusion in all walks of faith life and especially at the communion table is a must in my life. The commitment to healing a broken world through ministries that make a difference in our world makes me feel like I can make a difference. And finally, the commitment we share to each other as Christians, walking along side one another, holding each other up in faith. FCC has seen me through the ups and downs of my life, helped me raise my two sons, gifted my parents with their love and care at the end of their lives, accepted me and those I love - just as we are. I am proud to be a member of FCC and look forward to whatever the future holds for our congregation and church as a whole.

Puddie Scott

My journey to FCC is pretty simple. I was pretty frustrated with church in general as I had had a few disappointing experiences. I initially started attending FCC because Puddie was a member and I knew it was important to her. As I attended more services I began to realize this was the church and church family I had always been looking for. It just seemed to me the church practices and beliefs were very similar to how I envisioned Jesus lived his life. All means all, grace, forgiveness and serving others is the bedrock of FCC and I am blessed to have found my church.

Richard Scott


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