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WHY I ATTEND FCC - Kelli and Mike Lorenzen

My Church, Our Church

Nearly fifteen years ago, we began the process of looking for a new church home. Our church at the time had fulfilled our needs for our faith journey and for our children in their respective ministries. The need for change was due to a variety of internal changes and issues that had become a distraction from the reason we attend church in the first place – enhance our walk with God.

We expected to sample a few churches to find the best fit and because we drove by First Christian Church regularly, we started there. We never got a chance to visit other churches because we fell in love with FCC! Looking back, there were several reasons for our decision to ultimately join FCC. The people we met, both staff and congregation members were so warm and welcoming that we felt very comfortable being there making new friends and visualizing our future as members. The music worship experience was great and so was Pastor Brian Gerard.

The faith messages from the pulpit were personal to us. We felt that sermons were focused on what was going on in our lives and that we could relate to the interpretation of scripture that gave meaning and purpose to our lives. During the years following our transfer of membership to FCC, we became involved in various ministries and other activities which supported the church and congregation. FCC became and still is our church home and we feel as committed as ever to our mission statement: “We are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.”

Each of us owns our personal relationship with God and it is important to keep that relationship healthy and strong. Together, we believe in our church and the staff and we embrace every congregation member as unique children of God to be accepted unconditionally. It is our prayer that in the months ahead, we all join together in prayer around the process of searching for a new pastor. We will certainly miss Brian but we have been blessed with 18 years of his service to FCC. We hope that you will join us in our commitment to the future of First Christian Church.

In Christ,

Mike and Kelli Lorenzen


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