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Wagging Tails Update

Last year, the Wagging Tails Ministry provided $600.00 in supplies to the Kentucky Humane Society and $150.00 in supplies to the Animal Care Society for dogs and cats in Louisville. In addition to these generous gifts, this ministry has been enhanced by church members who have formed collaborations with other groups who can add to our efforts as well as by those who have donated supplies that were given to several other animal care facilities; including Metro Animal Shelter on Manslick Road, Animal House Metro Shelter on Newburg Road, and Woodstock Pet Adoption at PetSmart.

Items that have been donated include: dog and cat food, plush dog toys, dental brushes, natural dog treats, puppy pads, bedding, leashes and collars, and pet toys. A Girl Scout troop donated tennis balls filled with dog treats and flour puffs filled with cat treats.

This outpouring of generosity and attention to helping improve the life of animals and the effort to find forever homes for them has truly been inspirational and a testament to the kindness of our church.

In June, the Kentucky Humane Society will sponsor their annual Waggin' Trails event to raise funds for their operation June 10th, 2 – 5 pm for anyone that would like to volunteer. Please contact Terry Wooden for more information. Donations are always appreciated in the Wholeness Ministry bin.


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