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Stephen Ministers September 2021

by Penny Brill

Being a Stephen Minister has taught me how to be a better Christian, a better disciple and a better person.

I know these last 18 months have affected us all. We are left feeling no sense of control in our lives. We feel frustration towards others who do not feel as we do.

We, honestly, at times, resent feeling we are supposed to “do this (fill in the

blank)” for the greater good. Even when we do, bad things can still happen.

This is the perfect time to remember some of the lessons that Stephen Ministry has taught me:

Keep confidences

Do not judge

Be forgiving

Have a servant spirit

God is the cure-giver

Aren't these values and attributes that can serve us all? These are the teachings of Christ. Now is indeed the time to draw back on the strength and relief these lessons offer. If we focus on the power of acceptance and grace, we can free ourselves of draining effect of negativity and anger.

Now is the time to walk alongside each other and offer each other what support we can share. We can all benefit from the power of listening. We do not need to agree, but we can agree not to judge. I have learned from this life changing ministry the freedom of acceptance and the patience to keep my mouth shut. We are rarely sorry for what we do not say!!

Stephen Ministry is available to all. If you are having difficulty dealing with “life” issues, please reach out to the church. Any staff member can put you in touch with the program. If you feel a call to learn more about this program, reach out as well. Opportunities exist to expand your servant spirit.

Yours in Christ,

Penny Brill

If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet. ~ John 13:14

Stephen Ministry:

Christ Caring for People

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