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Stephen Ministers October 2021

by Penny Brill

We are going through some very exciting transitions at First Christian Church. Ministers taking on new positions. New staff coming on board. The fabulous leadership and sermons that Terry Minton has provided, holding us all together, keeping us in touch with faith. Now, we are hopefully embarking on a new chapter in our church.

Thanks to the dedication and devotion of our search committee, we are closing in on the end of this period, and looking toward the future.

If ever people put their faith to action and exhibited their Christian souls, all of the above have! It is not easy to walk the walk, but many of our members have. God gives us all the power to reach in and pull out our gifts to the good of our community.

Do you feel that you have lost this trust and strength that God can provide? Are you missing the energy to deal with the situations that are occurring in your life?

Stephen Ministry is an opportunity to seek a way back to the inner comfort that only God can provide. Stephen Ministers are trained to walk beside you and offer a drink of cold water to help quench that thirst. We can help you regain the resources of faith.

This amazing program is only a call or a question away. Please call the church office and request to be connected to the Stephen Ministry program. We are ready and waiting to meet with you and offer a path back toward taking control of your inner ability to cope with over whelming life issues.

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus said “come to me.” This can be hard to do when you feel abandoned. But, he is waiting and we can offer the hand to lead you back to him.

In Christ,

Penny Brill

Stephen Ministry:

Christ Caring for People

Through People


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