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Stephen Ministers May 2022

by Penny Brill

What a wonderful season for thoughts of new beginnings. It is indeed a time to appreciate the present and to be reminded that we should live in this moment. We can't change what has happened in our lives. We can use the past as experience to grow into the future.

Beating ourselves up for things we wish we had done differently, or for choices that brought us where we are today, makes it difficult to go forward. It can freeze us up. To try to forgive ourselves for issues that are in the past is the best way to start to move forward. If we ask God for forgiveness, He listens. We are most likely harder on ourselves than He would be. After all, He understands we are human, and as such, are subject to giving and receiving pain and hurt.

I read this in the newspaper last week and it has deeply resonated with me. As we enter into this time of baptisms, this seemed very relevant.

"... The task for the present, then, is not to avoid the cross-currents of the demands of faith, but to swim deeper into the living water, to be carried away in the currents of grace. Then and only then will we find that God's grace will lift us out again into his newness of life, where He gives us a place to stand."

His invitation is always open for us to ask for help and forgiveness and seek His strength in prayer.

Stephen Ministry is available to all when you feel lost and unable to cope with what life is dealing you. There is no shame in seeking help from people who only want to listen, who will not judge, who will keep all communication in confidence. We offer a drink of cold water in a time of need. A call to the church office can be the start to a path of peace.

In Christ,

Penny Brill

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude toward each other that Jesus Christ had. ~Romans 15:5

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