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Search Committee Update - March 9

First Christian Church has appointed a Search Committee to conduct the search for a new Senior Minister. The committee is chaired by Alan Parsons. The other members of the group are Patty Rankin, Kathy Olliges, Gary Fogle, Tonya Bordy, Scott Lanter, Gracelyn Jack and Amanda Stratton. The committee is meeting every other week and will send updates to the congregation and regular intervals. See below for their first update and for our search timeline.

FCC Senior Minister Search Committee meets via Zoom! Not pictured: Tonya Bordy and Scott Lanter

March 9, 2021

The committee met March 9 and completed a draft of the congregational survey that will be used to gather input from members of our congregation for use in the search effort. Over the next two weeks, the survey will be reviewed by committee members with the approval of the final version expected at our next meeting, March 23. During the interim, several committee members will determine the best survey platform to use to distribute and collect survey responses. We still anticipate distributing the survey by early April.

This survey will be distributed electronically to those with an email address and by mail to all others. All members of FCC will be encouraged to complete the survey. To facilitate the compilation of the results, electronic submissions are encouraged but, of course, written submissions will also be accepted. Even if only one invitation is emailed or mailed to a family, EACH FAMILY MEMBER IS URGED TO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT THEIR OWN SURVEY RESPONSE.

Simultaneous with the survey efforts, the committee has also made significant progress with the critical assistance of Gina Jennings on completing the administrative data portions of the Congregational Profile. The Profile is the detailed description of First Christian Church of Louisville that must be completed before the Senior Minister position can be posted. Please continue to keep the committee’s work in your thoughts and prayers.

Alan Parsons, Committee Chair


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