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Restoring the Beloved Community: A Conversation About Race

As a continuation of our efforts to restore God's Beloved Community, First Christian Church of Louisville will begin a new study/conversation that will explore issues of race, implicit bias, and how we can do our part to bring healing and hope in the midst of this ongoing struggle.

The journey will be guided by Senior Minister, Brian Gerard, and will follow a carefully constructed path of topics and resources designed to build on one another in ways that will allow participants to follow a stair-step approach to the issues at hand.

Discussion sessions will take place once a month, via Zoom. While each session will be open to anyone, because of the nature of the topic we encourage participants to attend each of them. Additionally, participants will be expected to have read, watched, and/or listened to a variety of resources that will be provided prior to each meeting.

Our next meeting will take place on Sunday, November 8th at 6:30. You can log in using the following information:

Meeting ID: 881 8990 7566

In preparation for that meeting, you will need to review some resources. The instructions and introductions to those resources can be found by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Gerard.

We hope you will consider joining what promises to be an engaging, challenging, and grace-filled journey of hope and restoration.


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