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Feb 15 Letter from the FCC President

Who among us would have thought that nearly a year after the pandemic settled in it would still be with us, haunting us and isolating us? Certainly not me.

Our Medical Advisory Task Group is having regular meetings about what it will take to get us back in the sanctuary. As of now, the risks are too great to meet in-person, but we are exploring all possibilities and what it will take to get that done. Please click here for an update from that Group.

The first time we open the doors could look very different than what we’re used to, but I believe it’s important to offer a safe opportunity to at least have some time of reflection in our sanctuary as soon as we can make that safe. Stay tuned for more on those plans.

When we do meet, we will still do so under strict masking and distancing conditions and volunteers will be needed to make that happen. We’ll be calling!!

Secondly, it seems empty churches are targets for theft. FCC and several other local churches have been hit. Despite someone picking up our mail every day, from September through December, mail was stolen from the mailbox on US 42. In that mail were donations to FCC.

When the giving discrepancies were noticed, Gina Jennings, our church office administrator, started notifying FCC members, banks and the police. So far, we have identified about $4,300 dollars in contributions that were cashed but not by the church.

How could that happen? Good question. The best theory so far is that the checks were deposited using a mobile app and that some banks do not make you photograph the back of the check, or don’t check for an endorsement on those virtual deposits.

We continue to work on the problem but realize we may not know the extent of it.

Here’s what being done:

1. Within the next week or so, Gina will be sending out Giving Statements that run from September 2020 to January 2021. She will try to send via email, if we have that information. If your statement doesn’t match what you donated, please contact Gina and your bank immediately. If you would like to check your giving now, please click here for instructions on how to view your statement on CCB.

2. As you’ve noticed we have changed the mailing address to a PO Box to stop future thefts.

3. I have talked with our insurance agent and because the checks were never in our custody, there is no possibility of an insurance claim by the church.

4. Gina has filed a police report and continues to communicate with police and congregation members about the thefts.

I will keep you updated but please check those giving statements.

Next week I plan to have some good news on other topics.

For inspiration today please read the letter from Puddie and Richard Scott about their FCC experience.


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