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FCC Grant Helps Create a Healthier Community

ElderServe is a non-profit agency in Louisville, KY serving older adults since 1962.

Their mission is to empower older adults to live independently with dignity. Through a variety of services, ElderServe creates a supportive advocacy and resource center to address the various needs of older adults and their loved ones. Our wide range of expertise not only provides a safety net for older adults but also helps the older adult as they navigate the aging process. A significant focus for the agency is the operation of the ElderServe Senior Center at the Oak and Acorn Intergenerational Center on 28th and Magazine streets in in west Louisville. We serve approximately 250 older adults in the Russell Neighborhood annually. All activities available at the Center are at no charge to participants. Activities include tai chi, yoga, arthritis exercise, arts and crafts, quilting, and Line Dancing Club.

Throughout the year, health promotion activities are provided: hearing and vision screenings, medication management, blood pressure check-ups, and podiatrist visits. Numerous educational opportunities provide older adults the information necessary to remain independent, such as Medicare/Medicaid updates and enrollment, banking information and support, falls and fire prevention, fraud prevention, and other topics of interest to older adults. The Senior Center is also a Metro Nutrition site serving 35 healthy meals daily to low income older adults. A wholeness grant from First Christian was used to support line dancing and tai chi at the senior center. Both programs are taught by experienced instructors; tai chi is taught by a certified instructor. Participating in exercise activities helps older adults to prevent and combat chronic disease and to overall establish a better quality of life. Our grant helped provide two weekly sessions of dance and Tai Chi for 32 weeks in 2017. As you can see from the video, our participants enjoy themselves. They are physically active and get social interaction with peers!

You can learn more about ElderServe by visiting their website.

The wholeness grant used to fund this ministry was made possible through your faithful financial support of our church and its ministries and help fund a variety of efforts to make our world a better place. You can find more examples of those efforts or apply for a grant to make the world a better place by clicking here.


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