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FCC Continues Support of Scarlet Hope

Scarlet Hope exists to share the hope and love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry. Louisville has the 9th largest adult entertainment industry per capita in America with over 30 establishments and thousands of industry workers. Studies show that 89% of women in the adult entertainment industry, when asked, said they wanted to escape, but had no other means for survival. Scarlet Hope works to engage these women where they are with the Gospel and offer a viable alternative.

First Christian Church was thrilled to provide a Wholeness Grant and partner with Scarlet Hope again this year in support of their 12-month Career Development Program to employ women who want to transition out of the industry. Each woman in the program receives an hourly wage to attend classes and work at Scarlet Hope’s social enterprise, Scarlet's Bakery. The program provides holistic care and training to each of the participants through counseling, recreational therapy, biblical studies, classes on job skills, life skills, communication skills, and much more. Scarlet Hope strives to provide a structured, Christ-centered work environment where each woman in their program can grow personally, spiritually, and professionally.

Due to the age of the program, we have seen two women graduate so far and have seven more currently enrolled. One graduate is attending culinary school to pursue her dream of opening her own restaurant one day. The other graduate joined the Scarlet Hope staff as a Program Navigator to help other women complete the program and she is also pursuing higher education. Most importantly, they have put their faith in Jesus for salvation and guidance for their futures. Through this program, the women involved are seeing true life transformation!

The wholeness grant used to fund this ministry was made possible through your faithful financial support of our church and its ministries and help fund a variety of efforts to make our world a better place.

You can find more examples of those efforts or apply for a grant to make the world a better place by clicking here.


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