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Children's Ministry Sunday School Leader News

With a Back to In-Person Worship date of May 2, we need to get our Sunday morning Children's Ministry up and running.

On April 18 @ 2 pm we will have a meeting to plan and brainstorm. We will gather outside at the church, weather permitting. Bring a lawn chair and your mask. Please RSVP to Rev. Merideth so that she can send you updates (and a rain date, if weather is bad).

Let's kick off this summer with a focus on service! Over the last few years, our children and families have spent the first 15 minutes of Sunday School doing a service project. Since we haven’t gotten to do that the last year, I want to focus on that as we return to Children's Ministry.

Sunday mornings will look DIFFERENT, partly because of COVID and partly because is will be summertime, but I am looking forward to working with each of you to provide an amazing spirit filled morning worship for our children.

Children Worship and Wonder has been part of our Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry for years. We are looking to expand the list of those who have been trained for this program. We have a number of people signed up because this year, training is VIRTUAL! If you have questions or interest in learning more, please let Rev. Merideth know. Below are highlighted some of the upcoming training.

In addition, here is a link to learn more about how this program works:


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