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Ash Wednesday Live Imposition of Ashes

This Wednesday, February 17 at 6:30 p.m. we will host a LIVE imposition of ashes for Ash Wednesday via Zoom. Please note, this is not a full service. An on-demand service is available on our website (click and then scroll down when the page opens).

We mailed out ashes but understand that some folks have not received theirs yet or that they didn't mail well. If you do not have ashes from us, you may consider using the following ash substitutes:

Ashes from your fireplace or other source

Soil from your indoor plants

Cinnamon, or other dark spice

Make up, such as eye liner or eye shadow

As Rev. Caitlin has reminded us, the Ash Wednesday service is not about the specific element used but rather the act of imposing something on ourselves as a physical reminder of our sins and our imperfection as humans. Feel free to be creative!

This is a live session, so please try to be there on time. NOTE: We will be recording this Zoom session. If you would prefer not to be recorded, you may wish to check out the replay on our website later on.

Attending is easy! If you have never used Zoom before, please visit the Zoom website here for instructions.


To join this Zoom Meeting, click here:

Or, enter the following in the Zoom App on your device:

Meeting ID: 883 8878 2143

Passcode: 257766

Staff will be on hand to assist folks as they begin to log in. Please email Gina or Jerry if you are having trouble accessing the Zoom meeting.


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