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Active Wholeness Ministries and Donation Drives

Wholeness Ministries and Volunteer/Service Opportunities

The Forgotten Louisville is an outreach ministry in Louisville. Volunteers from various backgrounds come together with one thing in common, love for people: the hurting, the addicted, the lost, the lonely and the homeless. Each week, groups of volunteers meet at the Yellow Lot in Waterfront Park to share items and a meal with those in need. FCC has been involved in this outreach ministry for three years. Recently, Louisville City Football Club purchased land to build a new soccer stadium. This land was one of the bigger homeless camps in Louisville. LCFC worked with homeless organizations and housed those that were in this camp. With this change, our collection needs also changed. Now, in addition to the much-needed items on Johnny’s List (see below), we will also be collecting household items for these families as they move into permanent housing. If you have questions or would like to join our group any Wednesday night, contact Debbie McCune at (502) 594-4713 or (502) 228-9455.

Kentucky Refugee Ministry, Inc. (KRM), ministers to newly arriving legal refugees routed to Louisville by the US State Department. Many of these refugees come from war-torn parts of the world and have been living in camps for some time. In their first year KRM helps these refugees learn English, adapt to American ways, and become part of Louisville’s economy; the success rate is high and many refugees have later become business owners. See below for a donation list; Rick and Katie Tipton facilitate this ministry, (502) 228-4997.

Wagging Tails - Do you love animals and have any spare time? Join others who want to provide love and affection to animals currently unwanted and starving for affection and a “Forever Home.” In doing so, the people involved will receive fulfillment from contact with these lonesome animals. Join the team by contacting Lee Otto: (502) 303-5530, or Terry Wooden (502) 599-3980.

Water Step Shoe Drive – your footwear donations are used for training & technology to heal a thirsty world. By supporting WaterStep, we are providing safe water to countries in which mothers sometimes take up to two years to give their children a name because of the extremely high death rate. We are providing WaterBalls that carry water so women who walk for miles don’t have to carry buckets on their heads. We are sending life-saving water technologies on the USNS Comfort, put on by the Southern Command of Miami which coordinates events in Central & South America as well as the Caribbean. WaterStep changes lives for the better. Questions? Contact Pastor Jerry McBroom at (502) 228-4189.

Islamic Partnership - FCC joins with many other organizations of the Islamic faith to build bridges of understanding between our faith communities and to work together to care for all of God's children. To learn how you can get involved, contact Steve Wood at

Bridgehaven Mental Health Services provides hope and recovery through innovative, comprehensive, community-based mental health services to adults living with mental illness. To learn how you can get involved, contact Deb DeWeese:

Kentucky Race Track Ministry is focused on the "backside' of race tracks in Kentucky and Southern Ohio, where race horses are stabled and the needs of the workers are great. To learn how you can get involved, contact Nick Aulbach:

Striving Towards a Recovery (STAR) is a program at KY State Reformatory that facilitates recovery for those suffering from mental illness. To learn how you can get involved, contact Holly Brown:

Volunteers of America (Mid-States) creates positive change in the lives of individuals and communities through a ministry of services. Program focuses include: housing for families, veterans, and low-income seniors; addiction recovery for men and women; care and support for those with developmental disabilities, and HIV testing and education. To learn how you can get involved, contact Norma Reynolds:

The Acts 2 Fund - According to Acts 2:44, the first Christian community “held all things in common; they would sell their possessions and goods and distribute the proceeds to all, as any had need.” Seeking to live into that spirit, the Administrative Team voted to create a special fund at our church to help members of the First Christian family during times of financial crisis. As our church has grown, the number of such needs has increased and while we have funds set aside to help out those in the community beyond our church, we had nothing specifically designated to help those within the church. This fund also helps to centralize the many efforts to help church members that are already occurring. You can help this ministry in two very important ways. First, consider an offering to support the ministry knowing that 100% of what you give will be designated for helping church members in need. Just clearly mark any donations “Acts 2 Fund.” Second, if you know of anyone who has needs, encourage them to speak with Rev. Brian Gerard, Senior Minister of FCC, phone (502) 228-4189, ext. 14.

Donations Needs (Collections are ongoing in the Wholeness Ministry Room on the lower level of the Church building):

The Forgotten Louisville - Johnny's List needs:

(Items need to fit in a backpack or small bag)

Batteries - all sizes


Tents, tarps and sleeping bags

First aid kits Sewing kits

Umbrellas Sunscreen Bug spray Baby wipes

Washcloths Bottled water

Powder drink mixes like Crystal Light, Gatorade, Hot cocoa... Protein bars Men's deodorant Razors & shaving cream

Feminine Hygiene items

Small jars of peanut butter

Protein bars

Small canned food items with pop tops (tuna, soup, Vienna sausage, etc.)

OR any of the items on Forgotten Louisville's Amazon Wish List here. If you have any other items you would like to donate, please call Debbie McCune at (502) 228-9455 before leaving them.

Kentucky Refugee Ministry needs include:

Household items - linens (including sheets and pillowcases, blankets, towels), kitchen items and dishware, lamps and other housewares for small apartments.

Children's items - backpacks, school supplies, and children's school uniforms.

Cold weather gear - coats/jackets/sweaters, gloves and hats. Typically the refugees arrive from warm climates with only thin clothing.

Please note that clothing, toys, and other items in the KRM bins will be delivered to Goodwill; “agency credit” from this is used by KRM to dress their refugees at Goodwill stores. Rick & Katie Tipton facilitate the above, phone (502) 228-4997.

KRM also needs furniture suitable for small apartments -- chairs, desks, tables, etc. - no beds or mattresses. These items are picked up by truck, scheduled through the donation page at

Kentucky Refugee Ministry Newborn/Infant needs (separate bin at church) include car seats, strollers, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, and baby clothing. Stephanie Copeland facilitates, phone (502) 472-4121

Backpack/Duffel Bags and Socks for Men of St. John’s – your used items mean so much to those who carry their belongings in plastic bags. Jenny Ewing heads up this ministry, phone: (502) 376-5528.

Water Step Shoe Drive – your footwear donations are used for training & technology to heal a thirsty world.

Wagging Tales - Donate supplies such as bedding, toys, treats, pet food and grooming supplies. Questions? Contact Lee Otto: (502) 303-5530, or Terry Wooden (502) 599-3980.

Eastern Area Community Ministries - needs non-perishable items for their food pantry. Questions? Contact Lera Braehler, (502) 445-1296.


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