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Pastoral Care

At First Christian Church, we are committed to walking with our members and friends throughout all of life's varied circumstances.  While that commitment certainly is true for times of joy and celebration, it is particularly important during times of difficulty and challenge.  


Listed below are our three primary resources for providing pastoral care plus a link to a submit a prayer request. Please feel free to request care from any - or all - of them.

Staff 2022 - WS.png


The staff at First Christian Church is a caring and well-qualified resource for moments in life that might benefit from pastoral care. Some of the types of care they offer include:


- Hospital and Homebound Visits

- In Office Pastoral Care/Conversation

- Wedding and Funeral Services

- Baptism and Confirmation

- In Person and On-Going Prayer


If you would like to learn more about our staff or request care, please follow the button below.

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