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Random Cool Stuff

Some of the best stuff on the internet comes in formats not easily categorized. Blogs, podcasts, videos, books, articles, and movies can be sources of great faith exploration. We've combed the internet (and will continue doing so) to find some best of these resources around. Some are serious, some are lighthearted, and some are just crazy enough to make you wonder why we chose them, but all are worth hearing!  Our goal is to find several new resources a month, so check back often.


A Clockwork Miracle


In 1562, King Philip II needed a miracle. So he commissioned one from a highly-skilled clockmaker. In this short, a king's deal with God leads to an intricate mechanical creation that still works today!  

This story comes from the Radiolab podcast.  You can learn more about this story and even see a video of the "monkbot" in action by clicking here.

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