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(This is BIG. Your input is invaluable.)


As many of you know, we've been prepping for our upcoming virtual and live stream Youth Sunday services on Oct. 4th. Thanks to so many of you who have submitted prayer videos, skit reading videos, your holy ground videos, etc.

If you haven't submitted a short video saying where Holy Ground is for you, here's how it works: In a short video recording, introduce yourself by first name, and say where Holy Ground is for you. It could be your room, your backyard, in the woods, on the ball field, painting a picture, youth group... wherever it is that you feel close to God.

Here's an example of mine: My name is Jerry and Holy Ground for me is being with FCC Youth.

Or: My name is Jerry and Holy Ground for me is sitting behind a drum kit.

Come up with your own and text your video to me at (502) 295-5808. We want to have a bunch of Holy Ground videos to share during Youth Sunday!

Youth Sunday Worship Band Rehearsals are this Saturday, Sept. 19th and next Saturday, Sept. 26th @ 10 a.m. We'll be video recording the youth worship band during the rehearsal on Saturday, Sept. 26th. If you sing or play an instrument, you are invited to participate! Just show up to rehearsal this Saturday @ 10 a.m.! Music Minister Tommy Cook and I will be working with the band to get us ready. We will be social distancing and wearing masks during rehearsal. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

We still need Youth Sunday participants! We need:

  • Someone to deliver our Benediction at the end of the service.

  • Two or more to preside over Communion.

  • Youth who are willing to participate in our live stream outdoor worship service on Sunday, Oct. 4th @ 9 a.m.

Contact Jerry to volunteer!


I would love to get together with you for coffee and an informal chat. I'm buying. Message me to set up a time. Thanks to those who have already reached out!

Resources & Inspiration

Today I want to share a powerful spoken word animation project by Shane Koyczan about bullying called "To This Day." This piece never fails to get kids talking about being bullied and seeing others be bullied. Being the victim of bullying, either by physical or verbal abuse, is such a devastating, shameful, and belittling experience. Unfortunately, it's all too common. This beautifully written and animated video piece speaks to that experience in a profound way. "To This Day" runtime is 7:36.

To This Day Project by Shane Koyczan

Lastly​, thanks to all who attended our FCC Youth (Socially Distanced) Game Night last Sunday! A wet and wonderful time was had by all! I'm still trying to dry out.

Have a great week!

Jerry McBroom

7700 US Highway 42

Louisville, KY 40241 


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